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Life in a File

It's bigger on the inside.

Joya and Jennifer
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The ramblings of two aspiring authors.
WELCOME. You've stumbled upon the joint journal/community of Joya Mannan and Jennifer April. You lucky duck! ;) Have a look around, and if we seem interesting, make your presence known and/or friend this community to keep up with us.

THE GIRLS. Joya and Jen are best friends, aspiring authors, defenders of the earth, and, quite possibly, the most awesome people you will ever come across. Go on, take a moment to bask in their glory. They like it when you bask. (And that ends the third-person portion of this userinfo!)

LIFE IN A FILE. You probably think we came up with life in a file because we met each other online and, oddly enough, became very good friends--best friends, in fact. But you're wrong. The name came up in one of our (many) silly MSN chats, and it just happens to fit perfectly for our joint community/journal. Props to the MSN fates for somehow making us remember that part of our cracktastic conversation!

THEIR WRITING. Our latest project is Blood Moon, a young adult novel detailing the love story of a teenage werewolf and vampyre. We also have a handful of other stories we plan to write about, so watch this space! Currently, we are looking for representation, so please wish us luck. Thanks!
We're taking over your Internetz. Fyi.